You should only care about one question

Can this program get me to

There are really only two good ways to answer this - your own experience and hearing other traders' experiences. 

I am just here to say you need to join the Consistency Accelerator program
Have you taken Taylor's course? Game changer.
It isn’t a coincidence that the turn up happened a few days after talking to Taylor in a 1:1
Taylor's course is complete gold
If you need to fix your discipline, Taylor can help you with that, he helped me.
Program has been awesome for us. Highly recommend!
Absolutely killing it! It has completely transformed trading for me.
I had a 1 on 1 with Taylor yesterday, and I can confidently say that he is spot on with everything he says
Consistency Accelerator has taught me defining a strategy is only the beginning
You need coaching with Taylor!
Within a week I was able to pass 3 combines after trying to pass for more than a year.
Forever grateful for Taylor helping us grow

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Some studies will claim that upwards of 92% or even 95% of traders lose money.

 Frankly that’s terrible.  

No it absolutely SUCKS, am I wrong?  

I mean seriously—for a professional industry, that's a horrendous success rate.  

But what if that statistic could be changed?  

What if we could affect that by just 5 percent or maybe 10 percent?  

How many more lives could change through day trading?  

If you're ready to stop running in circles, and ready to get down to the business of trading so you can start seeing real, tangible results, then you're in the right place.


While not necessarily easy to master, the pathway to mastery is in fact, quite straightforward and scientific. ‍

With that realization, everything changed for me.  

And what's more, I've seen this same framework work for the hundreds of traders who I've coached.  

I built the Consistency Accelerator program around these pillars as a way to help others reach consistent as quickly as possible.  

So what is Consistency Accelerator?  

It's an integrated program where you can hone these three ingredients, with me as your personal mentor.  

I coach traders on the principles of Edge, Process, and Mindset until success is the only possible outcome for their trading, scientifically speaking. ‍

I provide you with all the information you'll need, you apply the frameworks to your own trading, and together we figure out how to optimize all aspects of your trading—getting you on the fast track to trading consistency.

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WHAT IF ... 


This is the beginning of everything. You cannot become a successful trader unless you have an edge and process that gives you STATISTICAL PROBABILITY OF PROFIT. This module teaches you how to define, measure, test and optimize your edge. And then, how to narrow the gap between what your edge should deliver versus what you're actually able to execute.


This mini-program has been designed specifically to help train you to be disciplined. It doesn't matter if you have the best edge. If you don't execute it repeatedly and consistently, you will fail as a trader.

Sometimes, you need to train your brain to take the setups that present themselves. This program eliminates discretion from your trading so that you can focus on discipline. Entry and exit rules are crystal clear - freeing you to focus on executing the trades you see until you are a master of following trade rules.


This is no ordinary mindset program. This is a practical application of some of the most effective psychological training techniques. This program uses cognitive behavioral therapy to teach you how to recognize, monitor and ultimately change HOW YOU THINK in order to reach peak performance in your trading.

The purpose of this part of the program is to give you specific mindset tools you can use every day to eliminate the thoughts and feelings that lead to persistent failure and replace them with alternatives that drive performance.


I've traded for many years. I've experimented with and seen virtually every type of system. Data Flow is something I have never seen before and it is the ONLY thing I trade now.

Data Flow trading is a new form of trading that gets us away from discretionary systems where doubt and fear take hold and put us into a position of knowing firm probabilities of our setups.

The data we use helps us to pinpoint where to enter, when to enter and even where to exit. Time and Price trades have a minimum 3R associated with them, with many trades going to 5, 6 or more R.


Transition trading is a more advanced Data Flow technique. With this approach, you are learning how to identify market patterns that occur regularly between the European and US market sessions.

These trades are BIG. Many are 6 or 7 R, with the occasional larger trade that comes through.


I run workshops on important topics that traders struggle with from time to time. These workshops have included topics ranging from self coaching to beliefs.

When I identify a challenge that traders in the community are struggling with, I'll pull together a workshop to help coach them through it. Many of the workshops we've done are now part of some of the core learning modules in the program.


I meet regularly with traders in the community. From group coaching to market reviews, these sessions offer invaluable insights to traders.

Coaching calls are often recorded and the archive of all our recorded coaching calls is available in the program. These calls are amazing resources where you can find other traders struggling with your same challenges being coached. 


We have an amazing, friendly, helpful , knowledgeable community in our Discord server. Accessing the server is free to everyone. Gaining access to advanced topics, materials and meetings is only available to Consistency Accelerator members.

Join the Discord server by visiting


There are tools for everyone. At the free tier, you can access some of the tools we use that enhance and improve short term trading, such as the Velez Color Change method that many of our traders in the community use.

We also have an incredible tool set in the form of apps and indicators that our advanced Data Flow traders use. These are groundbreaking tools only available to Consistency Accelerator members. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone at any level of trading. Here are some example solution paths for traders with different backgrounds.

Start your trading career off with coaching and direction to kick things off the right way. We can get you started with good habits now that pay off down the road.

Current Trader, need something new
You might have found that your edge simply isn't working for you. Maybe it's not a good market fit. Or, maybe you're scalping and it just isn't working. The Data Flow components of the program might be perfect for you. Data Flow is a more relaxed approach to trading that eliminates much of the discretion involved with entry decision making.

Trading profitably, but need to scale up
If you've already been trading but find that you need more consistency or need to scale up, we can help. We'll help diagnose whether you have an edge, process or mindset challenge and help you with tailored learning and action plan to help you reach your goals.

No. YOU make yourself a consistently profitable trader!

This program will SPEED that process by giving you the practical coaching and mentoring that you MUST learn before becoming consistently successful. You might fumble your way to those things over time on your own. 95% of traders fail, so, most never figure it out. Trading is work. This program will show you which work to focus on and what skills to build to accelerate your progress.

Haha. You’re cute. No.

 We gain mastery through passive and active learning. The program includes both - specifically designed to give you the skills for trading consistently. You have to do the work. You can’t bypass the work. There are no shortcuts.

Yes, in exceptional circumstances.

Here’s what I learned doing 1×1 coaching for years - it is a slow, inefficient way to transfer knowledge and information. For many of my clients, it took 4-5 1×1 sessions before they began to understand some of the skills we were using in our 1×1s. By combining course material with group coaching, I have been able to accelerate results from coaching by 2-3x versus one-on-one coaching. I’ve found this combination to be the BEST approach to help traders.

Nope, you can just lurk. BUT, the group coaching is one of the secret weapons of the program. You are going to gain so much growth and understanding by watching someone get coached on an issue you’re having - and even more if you’re the one receiving the coaching directly. In either case, it’s a win-win for everyone.  

Honestly, you shouldn't. There are plenty of scammers out there. I get that.

I think I'm an exceptional coach and I've helped a LOT of traders break consistency barriers. But, you'll have to hear from them. So, join the community for free. Ask questions. You'll get honest answers from those within the community and, frankly, that's about the best endorsement I can give you - the word of people I work with day in and day out.

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