So, you want to be a CONSISTENTLY profitable trader?

And, you're probably finding that it's WAY harder than you expected. Maybe you're just starting out or you've been at it for a decade. Either way, you've experienced how challenging it is to be consistent and all you want right now is to quit your day job and trade full time.

If you're ready to stop screwing around, get to work, and start seeing real, tangible results, then you're in the right place.

This program is not just comprehensive; it's a blueprint meticulously crafted to equip you with every essential skill required for consistent profitability. We start with your edge. Do you have one? Are you sure you have one? Do you know how to measure it, how to optimize it? We delve deep, teaching you how to forge, measure, and enhance your edge, ensuring it's a reliable asset in your trading arsenal.

Then, we dive into crafting a professional-grade trading process. Through coaching and practice, you'll refine your approach, setting trader-specific goals that bolster proficiency and profitability.

Finally, we tackle mindset. The mindset modules of the program, in the words of one of our students "is pure gold." This is trader mindset like none other. It's about transforming the very fabric of your thinking. You'll cultivate an entirely new belief system that molds your actions, tames emotions, and fosters the unshakable confidence crucial for trading success.

This isn't merely another program; it's the quintessential guide toward unwavering profitability in trading. Dare to take the plunge and witness the evolution firsthand.

Explore The Curriculum

Module 1 | The Consistency Formula

Start the program by learning what it takes to be a consistently profitable trader. We break this down into a simple, process-driven approach based on what has worked for hundreds of other traders.

Module 2 | Evaluating Your Edge

Your edge is your foundation. You'll learn how to properly measure whether or not your system rules have edge. You'll leave this module having a validated edge and knowing how to optimize it further. 

Module 3 | Create Your Process

Professional-grade trading processes enable you to develop the skills required to execute consistently. You'll also learn how to favor process goals over profit goals to maximize your trading results.

Module 4 | The Five Trade Challenge

This is the challenge that will turn your trading around. We'll use what we learned in the prior modules to complete a targeted challenge. This challenge is designed to create confidence - confidence in your edge, your process and yourself.

Module 5 | The Box Strategy

Whether you come to the program with a system already or not, you're going to learn the rules of The Box Strategy in order to complete the Five Trade Challenge. This is an incredible mechanical system that creates profits. Keep it, or use your own system.

Module 6 | Change Your Mindset

This is the most powerful mindset program you'll encounter. Our focus on mindset isn't on what you think, it's about how to transform your thinking. You'll learn how to manage thoughts and emotions to generate consistent profits.

Module 7 | Become Your Own Best Coach

Learn the skills to be your own best coach. You won't always have a coach available to help you through tough moments. This is a lifetime skill that will help you overcome any mindset hurdle you face.

Module 8 | Forge New Beliefs

What you believe defines the results you get. You have beliefs that are limiting your potential in your trading. In this module, you'll inventory your beliefs and learn how to change long-held beliefs that are holding you back.

Get Coached

You will get professional coaching every step of the way. Coaching sessions will help you tackle stubborn obstacles. You'll get expert, personalized insight for you as well as learn from others being coached. This is a game-changer for your trading.

Meet your coach

Taylor Stockwell

I'm a coach, but I'm also a trader. I show up to trade every day. I'm ready, prepared and I execute my trading process consistently. I trade the futures market - CL, ES and NQ. I love trading.

But, it hasn't always been this way for me. I know what it's like to struggle with as a trader. I know what it's like to feel the emotional ups and downs, the feelings of failure and fear and wondering if you'll ever make it.

What made the difference for me? Simple. The magic formula of Edge > Process > Mindset. This formula is a systematic, process-driven approach to drive consistency. It worked for me and I'm confident it will work for you.

I'm excited to teach you everything I know about creating trading consistency. 

the consistency accelerator

This is the program that will change everything.

Kind words from great clients

I wouldn’t be where I am today without coaching – it is as simple as that. Taylor provided me the means and tools that helped me understand why I was repeating the same patterns and how to work on fixing them. He is an amazing coach and an amazing person and I will continue working with him for as long as I can.

David W
Trades: Futures
From: UK

Taylor is an excellent coach. Easy to talk to, was able to quickly help me focus on several aspects of trading to work on, and ways to frame experiences I had so they were more positive and helped me grow.

Chris B
Trades: Futures
From: Canada

Helpful, insightful, encouraging. Taylor really helped me get over the hump. His model really highlighted self awareness and the consequences of my thoughts.

Jess C
Trades: Futures
From: US